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Sigma Beauty Dry'n Shape Spa Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool, Holds 18 Brushes

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    Sigma Beauty

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    Makeup Brushes & Tools


Product Description:

Quickly deep clean, dry and reshape up to 18 makeup brushes all with one compact brush care tool. It’s engineered to wash brushes of every size using 4 exclusive textures, then squeeze-dry them upside-down to quickly restore their shape and function, protecting your brush investment. Free 2-Year Warranty. Cruelty-Free + Vegan.

Sigma Beauty's Sigma Dryn Shape Spa brings all the elements of brush care in a single, groundbreaking gadget that cleans, dries and reshape brushes more easily and conveniently. Combining the world-famous brush cleaning textures of Sigma Spa and the top-selling Sigma Dryn Shape Tower this makeup brush cleaning tool is a must-have for any brush arsenal.

  • Deeply cleans your brush collection using award-winning textures
  • Efficiently dries up to 18 brushes at once using the specially-developed elastic bands
  • Compact design and universal fit
  • Ideal for an everyday brush collection

1. REMOVE BASES Twist off Sigma Dryn Shape (A) and SigmaSnap (B) bases for brush cleaning and set aside to keep dry during brush cleaning.

2. WASH BRUSHES Swirl wet, soapy brush fibers on the core cleaning textures to WASH, REFINE and RINSE. Note FACE and EYE textures.

3. ASSEMBLE When ready to dry your clean brushes, twist on bases A and B using the labeled guide dots to properly align. Hold the core of the gadget when attaching or detaching bases.

4. DRY EYE BRUSHES Begin by placing small brushes in the SigmaSnap on the inner circle of the SigmaSnap base (B) with brush head downward, toward the Sigma Dryn Shape base (A).

5. DRY FACE BRUSHES For larger brushes, insert brush (handle first), through the smallest band that it will fit and secure handle with the corresponding SigmaSnap. Bristles should be tightly squeezed.

6. ENJOY! Allow brushes to dry in the Sigma Dryn Shape Spa with bristles pointing down to prevent moisture from becoming trapped in the ferrule.


Sigma Beauty is a line of scientifically-designed beauty products and tools.



Sigma Beauty is constantly developing new ways to transform your beauty routine. The company was founded in 2009 by Dr. Simone Xavier, a molecular bacteriologist, and Rene Xavier Filho, a civil engineer. Sigma Beauty is driven to find the highest-quality materials, ingredients and technology to build innovative beauty solutions—all to make life easier, more fun and uniquely beautiful.


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