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MustaeV - Secret E55 Blending Brush

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An oval shaped, medium sized brush made of soft, deluxe natural hair that is great for naturally blending eye shadow on the eye or creating depth.

The Secret E55 Blending Brush is a medium size brush with a tapered shape that is made of soft, premium quality, natural hair that is great for naturally blending eye shadow or creating depth. This brush is a must have essential as it makes applying eye shadow effortless. Ferrule: Brass plated with Chrome The Secret Brush features a durable Brass ferrule that has been plated with Chrome and lasered with the MustaeV logo. Handle: Birch Wood The Secret Brush features a long, thin handle made of Birch Wood which is resistant to chipping and allows for a steady application. It is lacquered with nine layers of high quality dark gray enamel and is decorated with the brush type and number so you can easily distinguish the brush.

All MustaeV brushes are handmade and hand shaped. Each hair bundle features premium quality bristles with fine tips which play a major role in the softness and makeup application of the brush. MustaeV's motto is "the finer the tip, the softer the brush, the better the makeup application."

Hair Bundle: Goat Hair (SS)

Measurements: Total Length: 173 mm

Hair Bundle Length: 16 mm

Hair Bundle Width: 13 mm

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