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Face Atelier Shimmer - White Gold - (4.25g) 0.15 oz - ADDROS.COM
FACE atelier

Face Atelier Shimmer - White Gold - (4.25g) 0.15 oz

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Product Description:

Glisten, glitter, gleam. Sexy, sultry, sinful. Colour your eye in ways you never dreamed using these ultra-fine, perfectly pigmented loose Shimmers. Our highly pigmented Shimmers won't flake, are non-creasing and long lasting. A little Shimmer goes a long way - apply sparingly for a subtle wash of color, or apply more for a dazzling display.

Size: 0.15oz/4.25g


FACE atelier offers a collection of shimmers in contemporary shades that will appeal to women of all ages.
All of FACE atelier's Shimmers are vegan except for Pink Glaze.

Pro Tips:

  • Shimmers work better, are less likely to flake and last longer when they're applied to a sticky surface. Ultra Foundation and Ultra Camouflage Duet are ideal for priming the lid and they won't change the color of whatever's applied on top of them.
  • Mix a Shimmer with a drop of FACE atelier's Transforming Gel to create a custom paint that sets and makes a lasting impression. Use the paint as a long-lasting eye colour, or use as virtually water-proof eyeliner.
  • Add a touch of Shimmer to your favorite body moisturizer for an overall glow.
  • Mix your favorite Shimmer with FACE atelier Clear Lip Glaze to create a custom lip glaze, or transform a matte Lip Glaze into a unique shimmering shade.


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