INOAR Kalice Mask Multi-functional

INOAR Kalice Mask Multi-functional

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Product Description:

INOAR  Kalice Multi-functional Multifunctional Mask


With 7 precious vegetable oils – argan, myrrh, macadamia, ojon, sweet almonds, jasmine and rosemary, this multifunctional formula can be used as conditioner or mask, depending on how long it rests: 2 minutes as conditioner or 5 minutes for deeper penetration. Whatever your choice, Inoar Kalice Mask nourishes, moisturizes, and regenerates, giving softness, shine and life to your hair.


Moisturizes | Nourishes | Repairs | Acts as antioxidant | Softens | Protects | Emollient

Key active ingredients:

Argan, myrrh, macadamia, ojon, sweet almonds, jasmine, and rosemary vegetable oils.

Sizes: 250ml / 8.45 fl oz

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