INOAR Multi-Purpose Vegan Mask

INOAR Multi-Purpose Vegan Mask

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Product Description:

INOAR Vegan Multipurpose Mask


The Vegan multipurpose mask is composed of plant oils that penetrate deep into hair fibers, restoring hair's natural moisture. It repairs hair, realigns strands, reduces frizz, defines curls and, since it is much healthier, your hair shines! It has also been cleared for those who use the Low Poo, No Poo and Co-Wash methods.

Sizes: 500g / 16.90 fl oz

The line Vegan of Inoar is a line of products developed within the vegan concepts, so none of the line products have animal or assets are tested on animals.
The Vegan Mask of Inoar nutri, repairs and moisturizes the hair completely.

• All Hair Types;

The Vegan Mask of Inoar realigns the wires, reduces frizz, define curls and leaves hair healthy. Yarns that shine! The mask is released for Lo Poo, No Poo and Co Wash techniques.

• Repair
• Hydration
• Facilitates Clearing
• Nutrition
• Vegan Product
• Smoothness
• Frizz Reduction
• Released for Lo Poo / No Poo / Co Wash techniques

• Its formula has coconut oil and olive oil, both act by nourishing, rebuilding, strengthening and moisturizing hair fiber.

• Coconut Oil
• Olive Oil

• Hair treated, nourished, with luster and hydration.

How to Use:
• Apply Vegan Mask to clean, damp hair;
• Massage wick to wick;
• Leave on for 20 minutes;
• Rinse thoroughly.


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